The Pacific Northwest Award

Since 2022 the Seattle Film Critics Society (SFCS) has specifically honored Pacific Northwest filmmaking as part of our annual awards. This award is meant to celebrate the many talented filmmakers who call our region home and who produce work here.  


Full information is available for annual award timeline and eligibility; key details relevant to the PNW award are highlighted below.

The SFCS Board convenes a nominating committee for the Pacific Northwest Award. All traditionally eligible films are available for consideration, with a focus on those whose primary production was in the Pacific Northwest: specifically in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho (USA). 

Films may additionally qualify for this award via theatrical or streaming presentation at the Seattle International Film Festival, the Local Sightings Film Festival, or others deemed appropriate by the Board. 

The nominating committee will present a slate of PNW nominees to the full membership no later than one month prior to the SFCS general nomination deadline. The winner of the Pacific Northwest Award will be decided by a vote of the full SFCS membership.


We are plan to have screenings of PNW award nominees in November/December. More details to come as they become available!


No official submission is required. However, filmmakers, studios, their representatives, or other interested parties wishing to officially bring a film to the attention of the Nominating Committee should fill out the form below with the name of the film, the year of its release, and a digital screener that can be viewed by SFCS members.

To allow a thorough review of all potential films, the PNW Nominating Committee would greatly appreciate digital screeners by October 1.