April 12, 2021

Become an SFCS Member

Applications open April 2023

The Seattle Film Critics Society (SFCS) continues to seek to expand and diversify our membership and we are always excited to have new Seattle-area critics join our ranks. 


To be considered for membership in the SFCS, you should be a working film critic who:

  • Resides in or screens movies in the greater Seattle area
  • Writes, broadcasts, or podcasts/streams reviews that express an opinion regarding a film’s quality on artistic and technical merits, while adhering to professional editing and grammatical standards.
  • Publishes reviews within a timely manner of a film’s release
  • Reviews at least 25 current feature-length motion pictures per year (January 1 – December 31)

These are some, but not all, considerations for prospective new members.

Applicants are encouraged to read and be familiar with the By-Laws, and all requirements for membership, prior to applying.

How do I apply?

The annual application window runs from April 1 – June 30th.